Brussels, 5 September 2017 – PVC4cables will host its first conference on 26 October 2017 in Lyon, France when hot topics, such as Construction Products Regulation and environmentally responsible innovation, will be debated at the one-day event.

Discussion among selected country experts will centre on the technical and environmental performance of PVC cables and their beneficial properties, recycling technologies and the impact of regulatory frameworks on the PVC cable market in different EU countries.

Taking the theme of ‘Sustainability, Innovation, Market: The new horizons of the PVC cables industry’, the event’s prominent speakers will also be exploring new solutions in stabilisers, plasticisers and fire retardants.

As the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) platform dedicated to the PVC cables value chain, PVC4cables brings together the producers of PVC resins, stabilisers and plasticisers. It is open for participation by PVC compounders, PVC cables producers and all players in the value chain.

The organisation aims to drive environmentally responsible innovations in the PVC cables sector and provide a valuable point of reference for the entire PVC cables value chain and its stakeholders: compounds and cable producers, regulators, specifiers, installers, electricians, media and the general public.

Commenting on the programme, Zdenek Hruska, ECVM Public Affairs Senior Manager and PVC4cables Project Manager says: “PVC accounts for 46% of the cables market in Europe, making it the most used polymer for electric and telecommunication cables thanks to its advantages in terms of best cost/performance ratio, sustainability and recyclability. This provides technical and functional benefits for final users and consumers. PVC cables are also one of the main sources of recycled PVC, with more than 127,000 tonnes recycled from cables in 2016 within the VinylPlus® framework.

“With much research and development currently being undertaken by the PVC value chain to further improve products’ quality and sustainability, our first conference will provide a must-attend opportunity to stimulate new ideas and approaches, hear about important developments, collaborate and share best practice.”

Speakers will include Arjen Sevenster, ECVM, providing an update on RoHS and BEMP (Best Environmental Management Practice); Francesco Tarantino from VinyLoop® on cables recycling and legacy additives and Daniel Martinz, Technical Marketing and Development Manager, Specialty Vinyls at INOVYN highlighting how innovation can ensure a bright future in cable applications.

“The PVC cables value chain is engaged in the research and development of new formulations to enhance technical performance and provide innovative solutions to the market” underlines Carlo Ciotti, President of the Italian PVC Forum and PVC4cables Spokesperson.

The role of nanotechnologies in performance improvement and innovation will be addressed by Professor Enrico Boccaleri, Università del Piemonte Orientale, while Gianluca Sarti from the Compounds for Cables Group of the Italian PVC Forum will illustrate how formulations can influence the PVC cables’ fire behaviour.

“Furthermore, thanks to the European PVC industry’s sustainability programmes, the PVC cables value chain is well positioned to steadily moving towards a true model of circular economy,” added Carlo Ciotti.

Over the past decades, the PVC value chain has been working hard, not only to improve quality and performance of final products, but also their sustainability. The Voluntary Commitments of the European PVC industry, VinylPlus® and its predecessor Vinyl 2010, for example, contributed to the development of a new generation of PVC formulations, free of substances of very high concern; and to the development of collection and recycling schemes. New recycling technologies, such as VinyLoop®, have been developed to obtain recycled material suitable for high-performance applications.

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